About EWIE

EWIE Company is a global leader in commodity management services spanning cutting tools, abrasives, special tools and industrial supplies with over 30 years of experience.

Our specialty is in total tool management.

At EWIE, we strive to lead in implementation and management of solutions focused on supply chain optimization for metalworking and industrial supply commodities.

The objective of these solutions is to reduce customers “Total Cost” while increasing customer satisfaction.

Our team of procurement specialists, analysts, engineers and information technology personnel has a passion for continuous improvement.

EWIE currently manages over 70,000 parts comprising millions of dollars of inventory at over 94 contracts globally.

Our unique approach of maintaining manufacturer neutrality through managed competition and focus on best-in-class solutions creates an environment of innovations where good ideas become embedded in the process. This approach has delivered over $100 million dollars in engineered cost savings for our customers.


Dilip Mullick, Co-Founder (1950-2017)
Manoj K. Sachdeva,
Jay Mullick, Co-President
Scott Burk, Co-President
Amit Sachdeva, Vice President
Joey Mullick, Vice President
Rick Mullick, Vice President
Alexander Broetz, Vice President of Europe and Asia
Louis Green, Global Director of Diversity Strategy, EWIE Group
Chuck Byrnes, VP of Global Strategy, EWIE Group
Brian Peters, C.O.O.
Tom Connelly, Director of Sales
Rick Simmons, Director of Finance
Virginia, HR Manager, EWIE Group
Donna Rivard, Director of Finance &
Subin Babu, Director of Technology
Jez Quigg, Director of Finance & Administration, EWIE Europe
David Evans, Director of Sales, EWIE Europe
Ignacio Pastrana, Country Manager, EWIE De Mexico
EWIE a 100% minority owned company has since 1981, serviced the Industrial sector with a unique business strategy of being a manufacturer neutral Commodity Management Supplier.

The EWIE Company offers procurement, inventory management, cost per unit monitoring and engineering services in distinct commodity groups: Cutting Tools, Abrasives, Special Tools, Filtration Products and Industrial Lubricants.

We help customers in establishing a culture of data-driven plant asset management to save money, reduce downtime, and
operate more efficiently (From “Run to Failure” to “Condition Based Monitoring” Transformation).

Our focus on best–in-class solutions combined with engineering data creates an innovation environment where best practices become embedded in the manufacturing processes. It has delivered over $100 million dollars in documented cost savings to our customers. EWIE is a truly global company and our team of procurement specialists, inventory analysts, engineers and information technology personnel has a passion for continuous improvement. EWIE currently manages over 100,000 parts comprising millions of dollars of inventory at over 100 customer manufacturing facilities.EWIE provides both On-Site Engineering and Program Analysts to continually promote inventory management and control, production innovation, and product testing by our World Class Manufactures. Filtration, Industrial Lubricants, and Tooling are all distinct components of the customer’s production equation and our total value proposition.
Our full service value chain management aims at reducing procurement, inventory and process costs across the entire supply chain. Instead of managing hundreds of suppliers and resulting invoices, our customers get one invoice from EWIE. EWIE takes the responsibility of managing the complete life cycle of all the industrial supply products in a manner that reduces Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Unique insights into your demand flow enable us to determine when and where components are needed.

  • Integrate with your existing infrastructure to enable process automation

  • Automated orders prediction and fulfillment – replenish your component bins to keep up with production

  • Electronic infrastructure and EDI systems reduce paper and eliminate delays by immediately sensing and filling orders

  • Safety stock planning to avoid running low during high-volume demand time

Our corporate concerns promote stewardship for continual process improvement, to lessen environmental impact and strengthen our commitment to a diverse supplier base to empower people in our communities where we live and work.